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Gallery submission rules

Please apply for a partner account if you don't have one above.

New Reciprocal Linking Information - Updated 10/1/2010

The only requirement is that you must have a recpirocal link back from your gallery. The reciprocal link must be exactly as follows or your submission will fail, please also note that I may change this reciprocal linking information at any time:-

<a href="" target="_blank">gay galleries</a>

I don't care where on your page you put it but the code above must be somewhere on your page.

If you take down your galleries after being approved or have any trojans or other malicious items on your page I will find you, block you and pass on your information to every other gay webmaster (we meet regularly and even have a secret handshake - so watch out!)

Alternatively you can put a link back to shocking gay sites on one of your main pages and contact me and then you don't have to worry about a reciprocal link on your galleries. You will have to inform me of this first for your submissions to be accepted

Contact me on icq Slowloris - 217558653
Windows Live Messenger -

Public gallery submission form is closed.
Come back laters.